Silvère Bonnabel

silvere bonnabel
• University of New Caledonia :

o Applied Mathematics course B (dynamical systems and control) (2019-)
o Series, Improper integrals (2019-)
o Differential Calculus (2019-)
o Applied Mathematics A (data analysis French school) (2019-)

• Mines ParisTech :

o Co-head of the applied mathematics, control, robotics, and vision major MAREVA (Since 2017)
o Main course on Probability theory with M. Schmitt (2015-2019)
o Graduate stochastic processes course with F. Preteux (2011-2019) (pdf)
o Graduate advanced stochastic processes course (2014-2019)
o MIG (3 weeks multidisciplinary integrative project) (2009-2012 co-supervisor)
o Graduate integral calculus classes (2007 & 2010-2014)
o Graduate holomorphic functions classes (2011-2015)
o Graduate mechatronics project (2007-2010)
o Option MAREVA: Non-linear observers course (2010-)

• University of Liège :

o Graduate Non-linear systems course (with Rodolphe Sepulchre) (2007-2009)

• École Centrale Paris :

o Graduate Control classes (2005-2007)

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