Silvère Bonnabel

silvere bonnabel
Silvère Bonnabel born in 1981


• 2014: Research Habilitation HDR (Mathematics, Paris VI Sorbonne)

• 2004-2007: Ph.D. Ecole des Mines de Paris

• 2003-2004: Master in financial mathematics (Paris XII Gustave Eiffel)

• 2001-2004: Ecole des Mines de Paris (Mines ParisTech) Engineering School


• 2022 (Fall): INRIA Paris. Invited in the SIERRA Team.

• 2019-2022: Professor at University of New Caledonia

• 2017 (Fall): University of Cambridge, elected Visiting Fellow

• 2016- : Professor at Ecole des Mines ParisTech

• 2009-2016: Assistant professor at Ecole des Mines ParisTech

• 2007-2008: Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Liθge


• 2022: Prix Espoir IMT - Academie des sciences.

• 2021: European Control Award. "For contributions to geometric filtering".

• 2020: Automatica Paper Prize for the paper "Symmetry reduction for dynamic programming".

• 2015: IEEE / SEE Glavieux prize: "For the development of remarkable mathematical abstractions for the design of automatic control systems and their implementation for navigation and guidance in various industrial applications".

• 2015: SAGEM (SAFRAN) Innovation Award : WO/2015/075248 elected best patent of the year.

• 2009: PhD prize GDR MACS (the French PhD prize in control).

• 2009: PhD prize Club EEA (from the researcher Club in Electronics, Electrotechnics, and Automatic control).

• 2007: Co-founder of the start-up company Synertie awarded by the french goverment (OSEO).


• 2021-: Associate Editor for IEEE Control Systems Magazine.

• 2021-: Associate Editor for European Control Conference (ECC).

• 2012-2019: Associate Editor for Systems Control Letters (Elsevier).


• Various collaborations with leading industrial players (High pressure polyethylene reactor with TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS. Carling. France. -- Crane control with POTAIN / MANITOWOC. -- Inertial navigation with SAGEM / SAFRAN. -- Autonomous vehicles with SAFRAN -- Radar tracking with THALES AIR SYSTEMS -- Autonomous Underwater Vehicles with SCHLUMBERGER Robotics Department in Boston) and startups (online gait analysis with FEETME).

• Scientific Advisor to the Robotics start-up OFFROAD.


• Over 100 authored or co-authored articles.

• Co-inventor of 9 patents.

• h-index: 39, Citations: 6000 (source).


• PhD of Jonas Benhamou. Co-advised with C. Chapdelaine. 2022-

• PhD of Marc Lambert. Co-advised with Francis Bach. 2020-

• PhD of Colin Parellier in collaboration with Safran. Co-advised with Axel Barrau. 2020-

• PhD of Sami Jouaber in collaboration with the company Thales. Co-advised with Santiago Velasco-Forero. 2019-2022.

• PhD of Priyanka Das in collaboration with the company Safran Electronics and Defense (SAGEM). Co-advised with Eric Chaumette. 2018-2021. Currently Co-Founder & GNC Engineer at The Exploration Company.

• PhD of Martin Brossard. Co-advised with Axel Barrau. 2017-2020. Currently a research engineer at Arcturus Industries (Madrid). This thesis was awarded the 1st PhD prize of the GdR Robotique (the French Robotics Community).

• PhD of Paul Chauchat in collaboration with the company SAFRAN TECH. Co-advised with Axel Barrau. 2017-2020. Currently assistant professor at CentraleSupelec.

• PhD of Marion Piltι in collaboration with the company THALES AIR SYSTEMS. 2015-2018. Currently an engineer and researcher at Thales. The thesis was awarded the Thales PhD prize (two laureates out of seventy PhD defenses) see the news.

• PhD of Axel Barrau in collaboration with the company SAGEM. Non-linear state error based extended Kalman filters with applications to navigation. 2012-2015. (pdf). After 7 years as an engineer and researcher at Safran Tech, Paris, Axel co-founded the robotics startup OFFROAD. This thesis was awarded the 2d PhD prize of the GdR Robotique (the French Robotics Community).

• Post-doc of Martin Barczyk (co-advised with F. Goulette). Kinect-based localization. 2012-2014. Currently an assistant professor at University of Alberta, Canada.

• PhD of Jean Grιgoire (co-advised with A. de La Fortelle). Priority-based coordination of mobile robots. 2011-2014. (pdf). After a post-doc at MIT, Jean became an entrepreneur in San Francisco.

• PhD of Thach N. Dinh (co-advised with F . Mazenc). Interval observers and positive observers. 2011-2014. (pdf). Currenty Assistant Professor at CNAM Paris, France.

• PhD of Gilles Meyer (co-advised with R. Sepulchre). Geometric optimization algorithms for linear regression on fixed-rank matrices. 2007-2011. (pdf). Currently a Software Engineer at EVS Broadcast Equipment, Belgium.

• Visitor: Sebastien Diemer (co-advised with A. de La Fortelle). Motion planning. 2013-2014. Currently an engineer at Polyconseil, Paris.


• Deputy director of the university of New Caledonia (UNC)'s science lab, ISEA.

• Elected member of the boards Conseil d'Administration & Commission Recherche, UNC

• Scientific integrity resource person, UNC.

• Deontology resource person, UNC.


Music (violin/chamber music) : Fin d'ιtudes/1 accessit - Conservatoire de Marseille (CNR). (a more or less recent performance).

Poetry. A quote from Rene Char - for whom I have a longstanding passion - which could well apply to mathematicians: Nous sommes ingouvernables. Le seul maitre qui nous soit propice, c'est l'Eclair, qui tantot nous illumine et tantot nous pourfend.

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